shareholders meeting

Type of Meeting: Ordinary Shareholders Meeting
Date of celebration: April 21, 2023 – 12:00 hrs
Summons and POA
Financial Statements
Auditors report
Grounds for the appointment of external auditors
Mechanism for remote participation

Financial Statements


Corporate Governance

The corporation is managed by a Board of Directors made up by nine members and does not include alternate Directors.

The General Manager is responsible for the execution of the Board’s instructions, who, in turn, is supported by managers, advisors and experts, with whom jointly control financial-, investment- and technological-related administrative matters.

Organization of the Board of Directors

The organization of the Board of Directors – GEN – is made by said Board of Directors, which, based on the company’s articles of incorporation, must be made up by nine Directors elected during an Ordinary Stock Holders Meeting. The Board of Directors hold ordinary meetings at least once a month on predetermined dates; the extraordinary meetings are called by the Chairman or when the Board of Directors requests them.

The Board of Directors represents the interests of all the stock holders and is committed to achieve a sustained increase in the company’s value. Their main functions are aimed at setting the goals and strategic and financial policies of the company and to allocate the resources for management to fulfil them.

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