Universal Agencies S.A.

Agencias Universales S.A. (AGUNSA), through its network, serves the cargoes at the west and east coast ports of South America and the land carriage and the temporary stay of said cargoes at the terminals.

Likewise, it represents and provides services to national and foreign vessels in all its locations and representative offices, and it is very actively involved in the contracting of maritime cargo carriage for those vessels.

The logistics and distribution of goods is another business area of AGUNSA, in which we made important investments to provide an excellent service. Additionally, it serves as an investor in airport operating companies of Calama, La Serena and Punta Arenas and in CPT Empresas Marítimas S.A.

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Board of Directors

José Manuel
Urenda Salamanca

Francisco Gardeweg Ossa
Vice president

Beltrán Urenda Salamanca

Franco Montalbetti Moltedo

General Manager